Our Mastiffs

selection and breeding

For the selection and breeding of our Mastiffs we take into account three main pillars:

Type: Although there is no perfect dog, our Mastiffs must respond as closely as possible to the breed standard. We must enhance its virtues and minimize its defects.

Temperament: Every dog has a personality, but all of our dogs must be sociable with humans and with other animals. They must be loving, faithful and sociable.

Health: All our dogs must be healthy. We constantly monitor your health status (diet, exercise, mobility, etc.), and we check for dysplasia of both the hip and elbow, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), canine multifocal retinopathy (CMR), cystinuria, degenerative myelopathy (DM), thyroid and possible cardiovascular congenital problems. Of course all our dogs are periodically vaccinated and dewormed.

our puppies

They are vaccinated, dewormed and identified by an electronic chip.

We will also provide you with a sales certificate, a vaccination card signed by the vet, a certificate of good health signed by the vet, a personalized brood advice brochure, the official RSCE registration document and your “identification” certificate.

Do you like Mastiffs?
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Contact us, we will inform you how to do it and we will help you in everything you need. You will fall in love with them.